The development of HPZ Crusher Backing

eliminated the need to prepare and pour

molten zinc or babbitt for backing wear liners

in cone crushers. However, until the development

of HPZ Locking Compound, it was still necessary

to use molten metal to lock the bronze bushings

on Symons, Telsmith, Svedala, etc rock crushers.

Now, dangerous and costly molten metal can be

completely eliminated from crusher maintenance

procedures by using HPZ Locking Compound.

Melting and pouring equipment and special

protective gear is also eliminated.


HPZ Locking Compound is a high temperature

and high impact material for locking bronze

bushings in Nordberg, Telsmith, Svedala etc.

rock crushers. It is safe and easy to use. You save

time and money with HPZ Locking Compound

because all you do is mix and pour at room

temperatures. No special training or experience is



One 6 lb. 4 oz. kit contains three ingredients:

resin, filler, and hardener. When properly mixed,

one kit provides 115 cubic inches of material.

For example this is enough to lock the

inner and outer eccentric bushing on

a Nordberg Symons 4-1/4 Standard

or Shorthead cone crushers. Two kits are needed

to lock the outer eccentric bushing

on a Symons 5-1/2 Standard and

Short Head Cone Crushers.




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